Product development

"From vision to reality: Our expertise in transforming your product dreams into marketable realities is second to none. We're with you from initial concept to mass production, including concept development, design, prototyping and production support. Rely on us to make your vision a reality."

Brand building

"Put your brand in the spotlight: We are your partner for planning and implementing branding strategies for new products. Our active support extends across your entire product portfolio. We also offer comprehensive help with marketing measures across all digital and analog channels. Let's shape the path to success together."

Supplier management

"Trust our expertise: we identify and qualify suppliers and production service providers, with a clear focus on quality, reliability, cost, innovation and professional management. Our performance assessment is carried out according to ISO 9001 standards."

Production monitoring

"For the highest quality assurance: Our monitoring and inspections are carried out from prototype to mass production in accordance with strict CMC guidelines. We rely on continuous monitoring of suppliers and spot checks to ensure the highest standards. In addition, we conduct scheduled and unannounced on-site audits to ensure your expectations are met."

Qualification & Measurement

"Your products, our responsibility: We qualify your products according to your customer specifications. Marketability verification and conformity tests are performed internally at CMC Germany and additionally by our certified partner laboratories in Asia. Your products are carefully tested to ensure highest quality and conformity."

Certification & Patenting

"We ensure conformity: Our experts take care of product conformity and CE conformity assessment. We prepare comprehensive test reports and technical conformity documentation. In addition, we provide support for patentable ideas and products to ensure your innovations meet legal requirements and are protected."

Quality assurance

"Highest quality standards, worldwide: With us you can rely on comprehensive quality control that meets German industry standards. Each delivery batch undergoes outgoing quality control in Asia, while in-depth quality control takes place in Germany. In the process, we consistently implement European standards to ensure that your products meet the highest quality standards."

Organisation & Logistics

"Your request, our solution: You ask - we fill your shelves. With our full-service logistics offering and guaranteed import reliability, we ensure constant availability through our own warehousing. In addition, we offer complete RMA management (returns handling) and qualified after-sales support to ensure your satisfaction."