At CMC Engineering, we use the latest technology to carry out precise light measurements and provide our customers with first-class solutions. Our light laboratory uses an integrating sphere and a goniophotometer to analyze light intensity, quality and direction in a controlled environment.

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For the photometric measurement of luminaires we use a Goniophotometer, with which the spatial light intensity distribution can be determined.
The data records created are used for lighting design and are used for the qualitative and normative evaluation of a luminaire or light source.

For further measurements, a Ulbricht sphere with spectrometer available. This allows total luminous flux and colorimetric parameters can be determined quickly and cost-effectively . The laboratory equipment also includes a luminance camera, thermal imaging camera and extensive electrical measurement technology.

Here is a selection of the measurements and services we offer:

The spectrum of precision - exact light measurements for your innovations!


Precise light distribution with the

Integrating sphere

Our integrating sphere ensures the even distribution of the
incident light and enables precise measurements of light intensity and color. This is crucial to ensure that products meet the requirements for light quality.

Precise light analysis with the


The goniophotometer specializes in the analysis of light distribution at different angles. This technology enables us to precisely measure and evaluate the direction and distribution of light.

Perfection with every lumen - light measurements at the highest level!

Your trusted partner for precise light measurements.

Light measurement is a critical aspect in various industries and applications, enabling the accurate measurement of brightness and light quality. This practice is crucial for ensuring the quality of products and processes, compliance with standards and the optimization of lighting systems.

CMC Engineering is your reliable partner for precise light measurements. Our highly qualified experts and advanced technology ensure that your light measurements are reliable and accurate. Contact us today to find out more about our light measurement services. CMC Engineering provides you with precise and reliable light measurements.

  • Brightness measurement

    We carry out precise brightness measurements to ensure that your products meet the desired brightness requirements.

  • Light colorimetry

    We measure the light color and quality to ensure that they meet the defined specifications.

  • Illuminance measurement

    We measure illuminance to ensure the efficiency of lighting systems.

  • Conformity to standards

    We check whether your products and applications comply with the relevant standards and regulations.

  • Light intensity measurement

    We measure the light intensity to ensure that it meets the required standards.