Through our expertise and flexibility, we contribute to your success!
As your prospective system partner, we are committed to developing, optimizing, sourcing, manufacturing, and testing electronic and mechanical components, assemblies, and complete products for you.

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produktentwicklung-markenuafbau-lieferantenmanagement-ueberwachung der produktion-qualifizierung-messung-zertifizierung-patentierung-qualiteatssicherung-organisation-logistik

Turning a product vision into a viable product. From the concept phase to the mass production. Including product design and implementation, prototyping and production support.

markenuafbau-produktentwicklung-lieferantenmanagement-ueberwachung der produktion-qualifizierung-messung-zertifizierung-patentierung-qualiteatssicherung-organisation-logistik

Planning and implementation of brand building strategies for new products. Active product portfolio support. Support in marketing efforts across all digital and analogue channels.

lieferantenmanagement-markenuafbau-produktentwicklung-ueberwachung der produktion-qualifizierung-messung-zertifizierung-patentierung-qualiteatssicherung-organisation-logistik

Identification and qualification of suppliers and manufacturing service providers. Focus on quality, reliability, cost, innovation and management. Performance evaluation according to ISO 9001. Direct contact through our CMC Asia team.

ueberwachung der produktion-lieferantenmanagement-markenuafbau-produktentwicklung-qualifizierung-messung-zertifizierung-patentierung-qualiteatssicherung-organisation-logistik

Monitoring and inspections from the prototype to mass production according to strict CMC guidelines. Continuous monitoring of suppliers and random sampling. Scheduled and unheralded onsite audits through our CMC Asia team.

qualifizierung-messung-ueberwachung der produktion-lieferantenmanagement-markenuafbau-produktentwicklung-zertifizierung-patentierung-qualiteatssicherung-organisation-logistik

Product qualification according to customer specifications. Verification of marketability and conformity testing, in-house at CMC Germany. Testing by certified partner laboratories in Asia.

zertifizierung-patentierung-qualifizierung-messung-ueberwachung der produktion-lieferantenmanagement-markenuafbau-produktentwicklung-qualiteatssicherung-organisation-logistik

Product compliance and CE conformity assessment. Compilation of test reports and technical compliance files. Support for patentable ideas and products.

qualiteatssicherung-zertifizierung-patentierung-qualifizierung-messung-ueberwachung der produktion-lieferantenmanagement-markenuafbau-produktentwicklung-organisation-logistik

Comprehensive quality control accoding to German industry standards. Outgoing quality control of each delivery batch in Asia. Incoming quality control of each delivery batch in Germany. Utilization of European standards.

organisation-logistik-qualiteatssicherung-zertifizierung-patentierung-qualifizierung-messung-ueberwachung der produktion-lieferantenmanagement-markenuafbau-produktentwicklung

You ask – we fill your shelves. Full-service logistics and guaranteed import reliability. Constant availability due to own warehousing. Full RMA management and qualified after sales support.


Experience makes

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As a competent and flexible system partner, we develop, optimize, procure, manufacture and measure electronic and mechanical components, assemblies and entire products for our customers. 



The CMC headquarters in Germany develops and qualifies your product, while our subsidiary in Xiamen, China monitors all manufacturing activities of our production partners.


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Our customers include companies in the trading sector and within the lighting-, automation-, electronics-, automotive- and medical equipment industries. 

We accompany our customers from the product idea to the finished product and through the entire product life cycle.

We love what
we do

That’s why you can expect maximum commitment, flexibility and an excellent price-performance ratio from us. Together, we can turn your product idea into reality or make your existing product better, more cost-effective and more durable.