Our exclusive brand


The creation of the ConstaLED brand is based on the vision of realizing high-quality LED products with perfect dimmability for the private and commercial sectors.

The constant in your LED lighting

Perfect dimming

We concentrate on LED products that work on the basis of 24V constant voltage (CV) and thus enable perfect dimming via suitable DALI or KNX products, as well as other products with PWM dimming.

Light can be more than just “bright”. With the right product and the associated light, it is possible, for example, to create emotions, stimulate the body with the help of a circadian daylight curve (HCL) or even create highlights within an installation.

The characteristic that runs through all the product features of the ConstaLED brand world is their high level of consistency. This can also be seen in the composition of the brand name, which combines the terms “Consta” for constant or constant voltage and “LED” for high-quality LED elements. We also attach great importance to consistent product, color and light quality, even across product generations.



Always an optimum lighting result

The 24V constant voltage technology makes wiring in parallel connection extremely simple and enables linear dimming behavior of 0.1% – 100%, depending on the dimmer used. In addition to use with KNX or DALI dimmers, it is also possible to operate the spot modules with PWM dimmers from Loxone, Homematic or Dresden Elektronik.



Elegant ambience

Our high-quality LED strips not only offer a versatile color palette, but also easy installation and flexible customization options. Whether for your home, office or business – set unique accents with our LED Strips and immerse yourself in a new lighting experience.



Design & Function

Swivel recessed ceiling rings suitable for MR16 spotlights, which are characterized by their simple design and high functionality.



Growing product portfolio

Our product portfolio is constantly growing and evolving to meet your needs. We remain innovative and respond to your requirements in order to always offer you the best solutions. Stay tuned for new developments and products from our company!