About us:
The history of
CMC Engineering.

Our company CMC Engineering GmbH was founded in 2003 by Gerd-Udo Sasten. Before founding the company, G.-U. Sasten gained experience in over 30 years as a developer and as a manager in the automotive lighting and automation industry.

In the early years, CMC Engineering GmbH earned the trust and recognition of its customers with consulting on manufacturing technologies and the procurement of customized assemblies. The excellent knowledge of development and procurement strategies and the directive to never subordinate quality to price still form an important part of the corporate foundation of CMC Engineering GmbH today.

Since 2012, Dennis Sasten has been the second generation to lead the company’s fortunes. The team and the range of services of CMC Engineering GmbH have continuously expanded since then. Together with the qualified and talented colleagues, supported by investments in EMC and light measurement technology, among others, the areas of development and global sourcing for manufacturing and trading companies in the automation and lighting technology industry in particular have been greatly expanded.

Meanwhile CMC Engineering GmbH has a network of more than 50 suppliers and partners all over the world.


Gerd-Udo Sasten’s son, Dennis Sasten, took over the management. The areas of development and global sourcing for production and trading companies in the automation and lighting industry were significantly expanded.​


To ensure complete control over all activities, we have opened a daughter company in Xiamen, China. This office is home to our team of professional and cultural insiders that enabling us to maintain effective control across the board.


Just in time for the end of CMC’s second decade, we opened our first company headquarters in Espelkamp!

Espelkamp, Deutschland MARIE-HARTING-STR.3

Office spaces: For more than 40 employees

Conference  &  Training: For up to 50 people

Expansion: Already in process

Innovative Strength

We are always looking for new ways to make your products even better and increase your competitiveness.

Technological Know-How

Our deep understanding of electronic and mechanical components enables us to develop customized solutions that meet the highest demands.

Quality Commitment

Every step in our process is subject to strict quality controls to ensure you receive the highest quality products.


We seamlessly adapt to your requirements and offer customized solutions that exceed your expectations.

Subsidiary in Xiamen From Espelkamp to Asia

The best of both worlds. At CMC headquarters in Germany, we develop and qualify for you. On the other side of the globe, at our subsidiary in Xiamen-China our employees are present at all activities of our production partners. The development, implementation and evaluation is carried out according to DIN 9001.

From the product idea to after-sales support – we are a competent and flexible partner. We develop, optimize, procure, manufacture and measure electronic and mechanical products for you.